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The Game

Introducing Fields XY a puzzle platformer featuring 3 unique characters, all interacting at once to complete levels both simple and complex.
Take control of a simple platformer character, moving and jumping from platform to platform. However in order to complete each room a second character comes into play. Moving on a grid system, this character creates new platforms every time he takes a step.
Also, now introducing a final character. Moving at a faster speed and creating temporary platforms as they travel.
Use the abilities of each character to your advantage to complete each level and aim for the minimum amount of moves possible.

Create your own levels

A simple level designer is featured which allows you to create, save and share all varieties of levels. You can also decide the minimum amount of moves as well as the moves for each medal.

The current game state

Scheduled to release in early 2016, the game is complete at its core. However new features and levels are all planned and will be implemented periodically. The game will be released once a full set of levels has been completed but we will continue to add levels after the full release.



Steam: Hopefully we aim to upload the game on steam later and issue out steam keys to those who have purchased it from here!

Thanks for everyone who helped on getting our game greenlit!


The Big Update (

+New GUI, with message boxes and Volume control
+Medal Ranking System
+Level Select and saving your progress!
+All buttons fully working alongside GUI!

What's new: (

+High score values and lower ranks don't overwrite your good ones!
+Added platinum rank (for perfect score)
+Download Security!

For levels 1-4 try and get perfect scores!!!

That's it lol :)

Update (

Level saving update!

Update (


+Level Creator
+Level Selection

Update 28/10/15

+Level formate changed for badges and text.
+Level editor now supports larger object placement,

Update 31/10/15

+New Player, Player 3 an orange player which creates a path that fades quickly.

+New Level Save Codec, old versions of the game have been removed as they will not work.

What's Next:

-New Character and concepts!

-More levels!

-Hopefully a community!

We hope that you enjoy the game and if you have any ideas please email us at: pepperate@gmail.com.


Liam, Ryan and Iona :)

Note: The Game is nearly complete, we need to make levels now, we have about 21 levels and counting. We would love your support on helping us make levels!


StatusIn development
Release date Jan 01, 2016
Tagsfields, fieldsxy, fields-xy, x, y
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksSteam Greenlight


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